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Daredevil Movie News and Products
Daredevil Movie News and Products

Daredevil Comic News and Events

You can read history of the crimson comic book character they call "Daredevil" and bone up on his origins here. Didnít you know? Prior to the Daredevil movie, the character was created in the 60's by Stan "the man" Lee and Jack Kirby! What kind of DD fan doesnít know THAT?!!

Daredevil: The Main Without Fear

Real Name:

Matthew Michael Murdock


Altered Human


Former partner of the Black Widow

Scale of Operations:

New York City




Matthew Murdock's senses of taste, hearing, touch, and smell have been enhanced to superhuman levels. He can identify substances by taste, read raised printing on a page, or track by a specific odor. He can also use his enhanced hearing to determine if a character is lying by listening for an erratic heartbeat. Overloading theses senses (excessive noise, for example) can temporarily bewilder or incapacitate him. In addition to his enhanced senses, Murdock has developed an omnidirectional sense that operates as primitive radar. He can "see" three-dimensional images many yards away regardless of light conditions and cannot be blindsided. In every other respect, Murdock is blind.Murdock carries a billy club that he wields or throws as a weapon. He can throw it as to ricochet off multiple targets and uses the grappling device inside it to swing from buildings.


Matthew Murdock was the son of "Battling Jack" Murdock, a small time prize fighter who had promised his wife on her deathbed to make a better life for young Matt than the one he led. Hence, the elder Murdock urged his son to pursue his studies rather than become an athlete. Matt Murdock became an excellent student, but one day, after being taunted by others as a weakling, and mocked with the name "Daredevil," he decided to train himself athletically in secret, so his father would not know.

One day the young Murdock saw a truck about to hit a blind man. Hurling himself in front of the truck, Murdock managed to save the man and himself from being struck. However, a canister of radioactive waste materials that the truck was carrying broke open nearby and Murdock was bombarded by radiation. This unknown radiation blinded him but also mutagenically heightened his other senses. Young Murdock later met a blind martial arts master known as Stick, who taught him how to use his augmented senses and trained him as a fighter.

Murdock attended Columbia University with Franklin "Foggy" Nelson, who became his lifelong friend. It was at Columbia that Murdock met and fell in love with Elektra Natchios, the daughter of a Greek ambassador. The first reported case of Murdock using his abilities to fight crime came when he fought terrorists who had captured Elektra and her father. The ambassador was accidentally killed, and the anguished Elektra left Columbia. She would return to Murdock's life years later in her role as a costumed assassin.

In order to finance his son's college education, "Battling Jack' Murdock, now past his prime as a boxer, had made a deal with the promoter Roscoe Sweeney, alias the Fixer. "Battling Jack" was very successful under Sweeney's management, but did not realize that all of his fights had been "fixed." Finally, Sweeney ordered Murdock to lose in his next fight. A highly honest man, who especially did not want to humiliate himself in a fight his son was watching, "Battling Jack" won the fight instead. In retaliation, Sweeney had the elder Murdock gunned down by a thug named Slade.

The grief-stricken young Murdock finished his studies, and he and Nelson opened their own law office. Murdock was determined to bring his father's killers to justice, but could see no way of doing so through ordinary legal means. Hence, Murdock decided to adopt the guise of a costumed vigilante, and called himself "Daredevil," the name with which he had been taunted years before. As Daredevil, Murdock confronted and pursued Sweeney and Slade. Slade confessed to the police, but the exertion of fleeing from Daredevil gave Sweeney a lethal heart attack.

Murdock continued to fight crime as Daredevil, in particular taking the New York slum Hell's Kitchen as his protectorate. He also set up a successful law practice in his alter ego, joining Nelson and later love interest, Karen Page. His greatest adversary has proved to be the Kingpin, the most powerful figure in East Coast organized crime. Murdock eventually came to fight Elektra, who entered the Kingpin's employ. But Elektra was finally murdered by the criminal Bullseye, and died in Murdock's arms. The death of Elekrtra, the woman he still greatly loved, had a tremendous emotional effect on Murdock with continues to this day.

Upon the recent discovery of Daredevil's secret identity, the Kingpin acted to revenge himself upon Murdock by robbing him of his fortune and legal standing. Eventually, however, Murdock re-established himself and his alter ego's status quo. Murdock had later formed "Legal Aide and Drug Hotline" with Karen Page as his partner.

Murdock was contacted by the vigilante known as the Punisher about a new force attacking the Russian Mafia in Brooklyn, just across the river from Daredevil's patch, because the Punisher felt he couldn't handle it alone and wanted Murdock to call in the Avengers, as the Punisher didn't have the best reputation with such super teams. Instead, Murdock hooked up with the Black Widow and the heroine Dagger to investigate. Subsequent events led to Murdock becoming separated from Dagger and the Widow beneath the city and being reunited with the Punisher, who had followed them in. They found Ulik and his trolls beneath the surface; while the Punisher took on Ulik, Murdock went to find what Ulik wanted and gave it to him, thus ending the threat. Calling themselves a "non-team" known as the Marvel Knights, they remained together as a means of keeping an eye on the Punisher - a man none of them really trust.

The Daredevil Index is a chronological review of all Daredevil appearances in Marvel Comics since 1964.

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